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Deleting old tags in Concrete5

When you first set up your Concrete5 site, you have the option to start with a completely empty site, or one that is populated with minimal content.  I chose the latter option because it would come with a blog already set up.  What I didn’t realise was how hard it would be to delete the tags that come with the dummy blog post.

I had naively assumed that deleting tags would be done through the admin interface.  If it is, I cannot find it.  However, despite having deleted the dummy blog post, I was left with the tags still displaying in my tags list.  Deciding that this aggression would not stand, I rolled up my sleeves and delved into the database.

Paydirt was hit in the atSelectOptions table, which lists every tag in use on the site.  Deleting the old tags (and some that I’d created in error) was now as easy as removing all the offending rows, but I can’t help but feel that this is something that any user should be able to do.


Back to basics

Have you ever considered how bewildering the world would seem to a baby, with so much unexplained? That’s how I feel right now.

Having finally got round to trying something, anything, on my Red Hat box, I decided that I should install Python. As if learning one new thing isn’t hard enough, I wanted to learn by doing something else I had no idea how to do. Great idea. I had forgotten that there was once a day that I didn’t know DOS commands until the LINUX terminal was in front of me and I had to navigate to a folder, now I know how my parents feel.


Free 5GB web space

Continuing their ‘if you can’t beat them, shamelessly copy them’ policy, Microsoft have released SkyDrive, a free to use 5GB web based storage facility. It’s actually not bad, which won’t surprise you if you get on as well with the newer version of Hotmail as I do.

So what does it do? Well, it allows you to upload data in 50MB chunks (so sharing larger files is awkward). Your data can be stored in a variety of folder types: personal, shared and public. I’m sure those names are fairly self explanatory, but I’m going to drone on about them anyway.

Personal folders are accessible only by you. There are four by default, rather unsurprisingly called Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos, but you can create as many custom folders as you like. More interesting are the other two types. Shared folders are open to your MSN friends, either one, a selection or all, and each friend can be set as a reader or an editor. Public folders are viewable by anyone, either by link or by embedding in a web page.

The uploading itself seems fairly swift on a 1MB up line, and there’s even a bouncy ball game to play while you wait. Cute.