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Testing Tutorial

Headless Behat/Mink testing with Sahi and PhantomJS

We have been using Behat for acceptance testing at work for a while now, but rather informally. I have been interested in it from a CI point of view, especially as our longer term plan is to automate the deployment of several sites from a single codebase. A barrier to this, and to our more recent desire to use Vagrant for controlling our dev environments, was the way in which we were running JavaScript tests using Selenium and Firefox. Today, I decided to cut off the head. read more »

Doctrine PHP Tutorial Zend Framework

Setting up Doctrine with Zend Framework 2

For this post I am working though Jason Grimes’s article, which in turn is based on Rob Allen’s Album tutorial. The goal is to set up The Doctrine ORM module in Zend Framework 2, and get it working with a simple example. read more »

ActionScript Tutorial

I’ve been published!

Well, kind of.

Last weekend I wrote a tutorial on an AS2 sliding tile puzzle game I wrote a little while ago. It was my first attempt at writing coherent instructions for others to follow, so I was very pleased when it was accepted by the wonderful folks at</>. Thanks to Chris et al!

For anyone who isn’t familiar, DIC is a large community of programmers and web developers who are very helpful and knowledgeable on a huge range of technologies.

Here’s the direct link to the tutorial: