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Don’t be afraid to have fun

Sometimes an idea just pops into my head, and it’s so absurd that I immediately dismiss it. Sometimes I’ve had a couple of beers, and so I don’t dismiss it quite as quickly…and that’s a very good thing. read more »


Looking back on PHPNW2012

Nearly a week has passed since PHPNW12, and I’m pleased to find that the the good feeling is still with me. PHPNW12 was the first developer conference I’ve ever attended, and it was an awesome experience. I’m very grateful to everyone who made it so cool, from the organisers and volunteers to the interesting speakers and the friendly crowd. read more »

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FireShot Firefox Extension

Looking through Firefox extensions always causes me to install something, and often not what I was originally looking for. That was the case with FireShot, a nifty little tool that captures your current browser viewport, or the entire page, and lets you perform various actions with the resulting image.

You can just save your grab as a jpg, png, bmp or compressed file, but before you do that you might want to edit it, adding text and graphics. Alternatively you can copy it, upload it, mail it or open it in a pre-selected editor of your choice.

The built in editor seems pretty well featured at a glance, the only obvious omission being an option to resize. I can see this getting a lot of use.


Hello world

So, I have a blog. And this is my first post. Fun so far.  I wonder how many people’s first post is called Hello World…

Please bear with the appearance of this site for a little while, I have barely had time to add the blog application, never mind attempt a re-design. I will do it eventually.

I don’t seriously expect many people to read this blog, but it gives me somewhere to stick some links, and hopefully I will also use the space to document all the neat little things that I encounter during a day at the computer. I feel I should do this mainly so I don’t immediately forget them again, but who knows, maybe someone else will find something here useful or interesting too.

If I remember to fill it of course.