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Sorry, I can’t do that, I’m not agile

Inviqa’s dev days are always excellent events with a high level of content quality. One particular talk stood out for me at today’s event, which was Stephen McNairn talking about his take on the agile manifesto and how he’s seen Inviqa’s approach to agile develop over the years that he’s been with the company. One particular point really struck a chord with me, and that was that we might not always be as agile as we would like to think. What follows is my take on what Stephen said, and the majority of the text is only my interpretation of his original point.

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Agile Retrospective

Getting mad and sad

When I’ve attended retrospectives where activities such as Mad/Sad/Glad or Liked/Learned/Lacked/Longed for are used I’ve noticed that attendees often express confusion about what seems like two negative states. Mad and sad both suggest a negative influence has occurred, as do lacked and longed for.

When I planned my recent retrospective I deliberately avoided this confusion by making my emotive states liked, loathed and learned. While this did work, and the team seemed very comfortable with the differences between states, I’m starting to think that there is an argument in favour of a bit of confusion. read more »

Magento Random Symfony2

Don’t be afraid to have fun

Sometimes an idea just pops into my head, and it’s so absurd that I immediately dismiss it. Sometimes I’ve had a couple of beers, and so I don’t dismiss it quite as quickly…and that’s a very good thing. read more »