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PHP Zend Framework

Exploring SOAP in Zend Framework 2

At work we have designed a collection of SOAP services using ZF1. This has been great fun, and I’ve learned a lot considering that I hadn’t ever seen a WSDL before May this year. Now though, ZF2 is stable, and after hearing a lot about it at PHPNW I’ve been eager to try it. Rather than waiting for someone else to figure out the differences in the SOAP implementation for me, I’ve decided to jump in myself and learn about ZF2 on the way.

I spoke briefly about this to @Akrabat at PHPNW12, and he has set me down the path of intercepting the bootstrap phase to run the soap server before an action controller gets created.

I’ll be posting my findings here as I make progress, but welcome any input from anyone who has already done work with SOAP in ZF2.


Looking back on PHPNW2012

Nearly a week has passed since PHPNW12, and I’m pleased to find that the the good feeling is still with me. PHPNW12 was the first developer conference I’ve ever attended, and it was an awesome experience. I’m very grateful to everyone who made it so cool, from the organisers and volunteers to the interesting speakers and the friendly crowd. read more »